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Happily Hooked & Pattern Pack Pro are TWO monthly digital magazines that are lovingly assembled by makers for makers.

Happily Hooked Digital Magazine showcases the best of the crochet world including news, tutorials, lessons, industry interviews, new and noteworthy products, the cutest crochet techniques, and of course TONS of quality (triple-checked by our team of pattern testers) crochet patterns – 10+ every month, to be exact–delivered on the 1st of every month!

Pattern Pack Pro is the digital magazine for the crochet enthusiast who needs (and wants) even more patterns!

The best part? For only $49.99 per year, you'll get 24 digital magazine issues – 16+ patterns per month ... this works out to a price of only 25¢ per pattern!

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Limited-time Bonus: Stitch Mastery Program

Learn a stitch in 20 minutes... Master 1 stitch per week!

Plus, get quick projects to practice them on... even if you're left handed!

Learn 26 New Stitches, Like...

Uneven Berry Stitch
Tunisian Knit Stitch
The Waffle Stitch
The Cable Tower

This Is Perfect For You If...

  • You're a visual learner who needs video.
  • You want to go beyond single and double crochet.
  • You can never find projects to practice on.
  • You are left-handed and struggle to follow right-handed videos.
  • ​Your stitches come out uneven or spaced out.

What Makes Our Stitches Better?

  • Each stitch training comes with a confusion-free video. It'll show you exactly where to put your hook for each step.
  • Every video comes with a version specifically for left handers.
  • Every stitch comes with 2 projects to practice on!
  • You'll get full support from our stitch experts if you ever get stuck.

FREE Bonus: 8 Additional Stitches When You Sign Up Now! 

When you enroll today, you'll get our Stitch Starter Pack that includes….
  • All the basic stitches like single, double, and half double.
  • How and when to add new stitches to your existing projects.
  • How to get your stitches to have a uniform look with correct tension, gauge, and count.

Words From Stitch Mastery Students:

Trisha Monroe I'm so thankful for the Stitch Mastery Program..I have learned a lot. I'm such a visual learner and this has been so helpful! 🤩🤩This was my first time changing the color of the yarn 🧶 in a project. It was a very nice challenge!"
Like · Reply · 1d
Jean Haller Stitch Mastery was a perfect program for me as I returned to crochet after 30+ years. It was well worth the cost, easy to follow and having the patterns available afterwards are a great addition. I plan to continue making the sample pieces and using them as gifts.
Like · Reply · 2d
Liz Hamm I signed up for it and I am glad I did. Whenever I do a project with a special stitch, I refer to these videos. They're very handy and easy to follow.
Like · Reply · 5d
Lorianne Nault I took this course because I knew nothing about crochet. Reading the pattern how tos were great but seeing it in action really helped me understand exactly what I was supposed to do. I recommend it wholeheartedly!
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Receive TWO gorgeous digital blanket issues of Pattern Pack Pro ... PLUS a special blanket-themed issue of Happily Hooked Digital Magazine dedicated to the fine art of crocheting cozy and cuddly blankets!


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From scarves and booties to slouches and dish towels, and everything in between – There's something for everyone's taste (and stash) inside this amazing collection of 30+ Stashbuster digital patterns.


Amigurumi Bundle

Whatever your experience level, this Amigurumi Bonus Bundle has something for you! From Yoga frogs and Happy Yetis, to Pudgy Penguins and Garden Gnomes, you'll find the perfect (and adorable) project waiting just for you.

That's instant access to 75 bonus patterns FREE to start off your digital library.

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*The yarn shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only.

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Bonus 1 – ​​Cozy, Cuddly, Blankie Bundle

Receive TWO gorgeous digital blanket issues of Pattern Pack Pro, plus a special blanket-themed digital issue of Happily Hooked Magazine dedicated to the fine art of crocheting cozy and cuddly blankets. ($24.97 value)

Bonus 2 – ​​Stylish Stashbusters eBook

There's something for everyone's taste (and stash) inside this amazing collection of 30+ Digital Stashbuster patterns. ($19.97 value)

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From Yoga frogs and Happy Yetis, to Pudgy Penguins and Garden Gnomes, you'll find the perfect (and adorable) project waiting for you inside this 3-issue digital bundle. ($24.97 value)

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Joanne Meshew One week after signing up, I regret not going for the lifetime membership. I read every e-issue supplied to me, and now twiddling my thumbs until a new one comes out.
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Beth A. Wojiski And… lifetime membership. BOOM. So many awesome issues to read and patterns to make! Thanks to the HH Team for sorting me out and getting me rolling!
Like · Reply · 3d
Jodi Everhart Yes I am, I love being able to find a new pattern from the very beginning of Happily Hooked. It beats paying for a pattern from another site.
Like · Reply · 3d
Sandy Fornal So excited I got my lifetime membership! My brain is in overload! I want to make everything! Do I remember seeing at one time there was a listing of all the patterns and which issues they were in? Hoping everyone is having a great weekend- it’s a hot one in Michigan today 🌞
Like · Reply · 3d
Mary Hunter Yes. I love knowing that the patterns are all tested, and I can come here for help any time! I do still use other patterns at times, but I always search Happily Hooked first. Every month they add more lovely patterns that inspire me to never put down my hook! I didn’t realize what I had been missing by not getting the monthly Pattern Pack either! I may have felt differently when I was younger and more strapped for time and money, but now that my children are grown, I have not regretted my purchase for a moment. The added benefit of being in the most positive and helpful Facebook support group that I have ever seen sends it over the top. The Happily Hooked Team may be small, but they work hard to make their customer service mighty! Kudos to an awesome team of staff!
Like · Reply · 3d
Dian Roberson I’ve been an HHM member for several years, I’m really enjoying having all of the back issues + the pattern pack pros!
Like · Reply · 3d
Mary Sweeney I love my lifetime membership!
Like · Reply · 3d
Cheryl Neu Merrell Absolutely! I have been a member since 2015. At the time I didn’t have the funds for a lifetime membership. I renewed every year and decided that I had in essence paid for a lifetime with my yearly costs, but I was missing the pattern pack. NOT ANYMORE!! Having access to all the good magazines and patterns and being able to search for oldest patterns is awesome!!
Like · Reply · 3d
Hillary Thompson Yes!!! And as a lifetime member, you get ALL back issues of HHM and PPP! It’s pretty awesome to have literally every single pattern that has been published!
Like · Reply · 3d
Dana Lee Just in case anyone is wondering since I always find myself looking for real opinions….this place is legit. I finally got the lifetime subscription from them. I also got a great bag and hooks and personalized emails that make you feel like you are…SEE MORE
Like · Reply · 3d
Brittany Lafrentz 100% yes! I go back to previous issues and have made a couple things.
Like · Reply · 3d
Kristi Peters Hill So glad this is back again. I don’t regret my lifetime membership at all! This is such a fun and supportive group. And the past issues really come in handy when someone posts something beautiful from before I knew about Happily Hooked Magazine. ❤️
Like · Reply · 3d
Eliza Gottschall-Mosby I love it. I never have to worry about missing an issue! Best money I ever spent!
Like · Reply · 3d
Tara Windnagie 💯 I’m loving it so much. And I was really on the fence before I bought it!
Like · Reply · 3d
Paola Marie Pilo- Pendley I love this magazine! Signed up as a Lifetime member!
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