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75,000 + Beautiful Project Crocheted

Dear Crocheter,

We’ve all had at least one of these moments when we crochet…

You know those moments right after you’ve already started with that yarn you couldn’t wait to use, knowing just how nice it’s going to look when it’s finished.

You have the new pattern you decided to use clearly in your mind - hooks ready!

And you may even be in the middle of your next treble, single or double stitch when it finally happens.
You find yourself struggling to make the pattern look just like the photo, or you get unclear instructions as you’re watching a video, and now you’re at a stand-still wrestling with your hook and yarn in your hand! 

  • Likely if you got it from someone or somewhere else, they didn’t check to let you know just how difficult it was!

    This is the moment when so many crocheters make one of these few choices below, they either: 
  • Completely abandon ship on their project-in-progress
  • Use their closet as their hiding place for an unfinished piece they’ll get back too soon
  • Refuse to start any new projects until they finish their old one, leading to frustration.
  • Procrastinate on now going back to a project out of fear they won’t be able to finish again
  • Or even...
  • Quit crochet one or more times…
  • Crocheting is one of the best hobbies in the world, but so many amazing crochet masters-to-be don't get to see themselves making astounding scarves, beanies, flowers or even more because of 3 reasons.

    We’ll tell you the exact reasons why your current unfinished project may be harder to finish than expected below.

    Trust us, it’s not your fault!


So many crocheters go through these exact same frustrations you go through when they get stuck on a project, and even question why creating new creations can be so hard sometimes.

It doesn’t have to be so hard, we promise! 

Most crocheters who are having some of these problems tend to have believed at least one of 3 things before, see if any of these feel familiar to you…
You have to be an expert crocheter to create beautiful projects.

The Lies
1: Only expert-level crocheters create the beautiful projects you see down your instagram, facebook & pinterest feeds

2: That you need to spend a long time out of your day to learn the amazing stitches you’ve seen from other projects

3: That it's hard to find other crochet buddies that can give you advice on your projects & you have to figure it out alone.

The Truths

1: Anyone can create finished projects as long as they have the right patterns. It might be either the wrong skill-level, style, or quality, it just wasn’t made to be finish-friendly for you.

You can make projects you absolutely love at any skill level if shown the right ones to start.

There are more crocheters than you realize who will be happy to help you … if you know where to find them.. (we’ll prove it to you)

The truth is some patterns go unchecked by professional crocheters and aren’t finish-friendly for people at any level. Crocheting tutorials can be tough to follow and downright confusing if they aren’t made properly.Plus, without others who have done the same patterns you have to ask for help, simple fixes are hard to find because crocheting is such a hands-on activity.

introducing The Happily Hooked Membership

These are the exact same reasons why we created Happily Hooked!

  • I’ll introduce myself,
    My name is Courtney. I’m the creative editor for Happily Hooked.
    When I decided to come on board as creative editor, my vision was to help create A happy place where crocheters could experience a community that:
  • Publish the kinds of patterns that everyday crocheters like me actually want to make
  • Provide resources to help more people crochet and grow their skills
  • Create a safe space for crocheters to ask questions and share
  • I love crocheting and want others at any skill level to have access to a community of over 3000 years worth of experience. 
    With patterns that are finish-friendly, good for any skill-level & perfect for anyone to grow their skills, there will be very few hold ups while you create! 
    Happily Hooked is for crocheters.
    A community you will love with all your heart. Inside the community there’s even more!

What is Happily Hooked?

A happy place for crocheters who want better patterns, guides & support than anywhere else on earth! (Did we mention there are bonuses?)

Why’d we make a membership that brings everything crochet together?
 Simple. Because we get it.
We get that feeling of calm you get when you get into the flow of a project.
We get that beautiful moment as you present someone you love with a handmade gift you made.
We ‘get’ the way crochet can save your sanity during a crazy week.
We also get the struggle that comes when you’re ripping out stitches or leaving projects unfinished because of bad patterns, poor support, and lack of resources.
So, we made everything you need to make your crochet time as happy as possible.
 Keep reading to find out how we do it …

Access Over 75 Finish-Friendly Patterns Instantly And Another 18+ New Patterns Every Single Month!

  • We’ve jam-packed your digital library with a variety of designs from hats and scarves to amigurumi to home decor ... and so much more!
  • And the best thing is that every pattern is triple tested by our pattern testers to be an ease to create for their skill levels.
  • Get instant access to a library of over 75 patterns
  • Finish-friendly designs for all skill levels
  • 18+ new digital designs you’ll love every month!
  • Tutorials to finish the projects you start… and love the projects you finish!
  • Triple-tested ease guarantee on every pattern!
  • An easy-to-read format you can count on!
  • Handy yarn substitution guides for every pattern!

Enjoy Our Premium Skill-Building Courses to Master Crochet in No Time!

  • Learn some of the best patterns and techniques in crochet, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pattern hoarder
  • Access a library of tons of stitching tutorial videos you can learn.
  • Master the Tunisian Basics, unlike regular techniques, for that perfect woven look using two-pass crochet techniq
  • Achieve Gauge Mastery and achieve the perfect fit almost every time!

3000 Years of Experience Handed to You From Our Community!

  • Crochet is better with friends, so we created:
  • A 5-star support staff for answers to all your crochet questions.
  • Community CALs (Crochet Alongs) for fun and skill-building opportunities.
  • Pattern Search Feature, so you can find any of our 1400+ patterns.
  • Pattern Concierge Service and Zero-Bother Guarantee to help you find the perfect pattern for your needs!
  • Pattern Assist Videos made in response to your crochet questions.
  • And what’s it like inside the community you ask?
  • Well here’s what we do together:
  • Share projects for congratulations and feedback from friends!
  • Have all your questions answered by the Happily Hooked Team, Our Pattern Testers, and all the Members
  • Throw Monthly CALs that are easy going and fun!
  • Have Giveaways, events, and more!

What Happily Hooked Members Are Saying

I just wanted to say this group is amazing! All the caring support, and the generosity, that the staff and members show is amazing! Absolutely the best group I have ever come across online! Both the triumphs, and those not so great outcomes, are shared and received with love and acceptance! Pat yourselves on the back for being part of an awesome group!

Laticia M.
I joined this group in October 2018, anticipating many things...but I never expected the love, respect, and kindness I have received. I am very blessed to be a "lifer." I love you all!

Mar-Shel W.
I just wanted to say this group is amazing! All the caring support, and the generosity, that the staff and members show is amazing! Absolutely the best group I have ever come across online! Both the triumphs, and those not so great outcomes, are shared and received with love and acceptance! Pat yourselves on the back for being part of an awesome group!

Ann V.

PLUS! You’ll be able to improve your skills & find new patterns, all while bringing your projects anywhere with these 3 bonuses below.

BONUS #1: Three Premium Courses To Take You From a Novice to a Pro!

  • #1: Stitch Mastery: A Way to Master 26 New Stitches In No Time! ($59.99 Value)

  • Designed for improving crochet skills through in-depth tutorials that push your skills.
    That means in only half a year, you’ll only need to watch 1 video a week to master all 26 new patterns that you receive!
    You’ll learn to do things such as:
  • How to crochet so well people will think you’re a pro by learning stitches like the Bobble, Arabel, Silt, Sedge, and 22 MORE!
  • Fully knowing how to create & practice the right patterns before your next big project!
  • Having full confidence with each new skill (for both right and left-handers)
  • All while working at your own pace!

#2: How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners: A blueprint for fun finished projects, handmade gifts, and cozy crochet time! ($29.99 Value)

  • Here’s the deal, you’ll have step-by-step instructions on how to tackle each project to eliminate all your frustrations and replace them with speed and consistency.
  • Specially made by the American Crochet Association to help you fill in all the blanks of your crochet knowledge so that you can fast-track your way to creating amazing crochet projects with confidence
  • If you know nothing, but you have a hook, some yarn, and a can-do attitude--this course can get you from zero to crocheter in just a few days.

#3: Crochet Essentials: Use this to unlock your ability to make any pattern you want! (An Extra $29.99 Value)

  • As a hand-in-hand with the ‘How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners’, this course is perfect for finally ‘getting’ the way patterns really work.
  • If you’ve struggled with pattern reading, comfort with stitch anatomy, and understanding of gauge, yarn labels, and yarn types...then this course will fill in that knowledge so you can move forward.
  • Which means you can now not only understand the way to finish projects exactly how you want, but fill in any gaps of information so you can become a stronger crocheter
  • It’s like learning right over the shoulder of a seasoned crocheter.
  • And that’s why we included it as the third free course in this first bundle so anyone can master crocheting in no time while accessing all their new patterns!  

BONUS #2: Free Comfort Grip Hooks To Crochet Longer and Reduce Pain

  • Make your crochet time a dream using these wide-fit, silicone coated ergonomic handles that reduce pain (and happiness!)
    So you can spend more time doing what you love more, longer and happier.
  • The nine-hook set contains hooks in sizes: 2.0mm; 2.5mm; 3.0mm; 3.5mm; 4.0mm; 4.5mm; 5.0mm; 5.5mm; and 6.0mm.
  • The wide, silicone grip helps reduce hand pain while the tapered head makes smooth crocheting a breeze.

BONUS #3: A Free Pattern Hoarder Project Bag for Collecting All Your Favorite Yarns!

  • Crochet on-the-go and protect your yarn with this roomy, travel-size WIP bag!
  • 5 x 12 inches of glorious yarn holding space
  • Zipper pocket for stashing your hook, scissors, and other small things you want to take with you.
  • An comfy slip-on wrist strap
  • 4 smooth grommets for no-snag crocheting
  • Tangle-free crocheting for multi-strand projects
  • And travel-sized for your on-the-go lifestyle

So What Do You Get In This Huge Bundle? 

Over $1000 of Crochet Awesomeness!!!

  • Instant access to over 75 finish-friendly patterns in a jam-packed library, along with 18+ new patterns a month.
  • Step-by-step stitching courses for every level to learn new patterns all the way from Tunisian basics to gauge mastery.
  • Community with 3000 years of experience with supportive crocheters who you can get feedback from and connect too.
  • Bonus #1: 3 FREE Premium ‘Novice-to-Pro’ Courses to master the fundamentals & unlock new skills for any project. ($119 Value)
  • Bonus #2: A FREE set of ergonomic hooks to help you crochet longer and pain-free! ($11.97 value)
  • Bonus #3: A FREE ‘Pattern Hoarder’ Project Bag for Collecting All Your Favorite Yarns! ($24.97 value)
  • 2 Digital Magazines with heartwarming articles, one-of-a-kind patterns, and member spotlights to celebrate accomplishments.
  • PLUS Over $200 worth of additional bonuses!

Plus, You Also Get All of These Extra Goodies!

  • Our Happily Hooked Members' Community ($9.99/month) our Happily Hooked hangout on Facebook where we share projects, host CALs, and answer all your crochet questions. You can even interact with your favorite crochet designers!
  • Pattern Concierge Service and Zero Bother Guarantee ($9.99 per month) We’ll help you find a pattern you like so you can make the projects that make you happy! And if you have questions, just ask. We promise you’re not bothering us at all!
  • Pattern Search Feature ($5.99 per month) Especially helpful for Lifetime members, you can find any pattern from our 1400+ library of digital patterns!
  • Pattern Assist Videos ($39.99) Short videos to help you if you ever get stuck on pattern directions.
  • Crochet Coloring Book ($14.99) Sometimes you just need to zone out on something easy and relaxing, like coloring! Over 20 pages of printable, crochet-themed coloring sheets!
  • Printable Gift Tags ($4.99) Get ready for special occasions with these cute, printable tags!
  • Printable Laundry Care Tags ($4.99) Make sure everyone knows how to properly care for their handmade gifts.

Two Guarantees…Zero Risk

7-Day Happiness Guarantee

Within minutes of joining Happily Hooked, you’ll be given access to  over 90 digital patterns to get you started. If you don’t find a pattern that makes you go, “I have to make that!” within 7 days, simply go to your account page and click “cancel.” As long as it’s within those 7 days, we’ll issue a no-questions-asked refund immediately.

7-Day Love It or Leave It Guarantee

We live in the real world. We completely understand that there are factors beyond wanting good patterns that play a role in your choices. We’re thrilled to have you as part of the Happily Hooked Community...but if, for any reason at all within the first 7 days, your membership isn’t working out for you, simply reach out to our support staff and request a refund. You’ll be giving up access to over 90 digital patterns along with all the bonus courses, but you’ll have the opportunity to download all your patterns or save them to Ravelry before you go.

Let's do this!

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Including Articles You’ll Love: In each issue we have articles showing off member projects in our ‘members corner’, talking about the different benefits of crocheting, & new ways you can broadening your crochet horizons with patterns + projects!

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The Only Thing Missing is YOU!

We created our crochet happy place…
I like to say, “Come for the patterns, stay for the community!”
We’re actually in the middle of a mini-CAL right now you should see everyone’s projects, they’re amazing! I love our community!I’ve done my best to quantify all the benefits of joining Happily Hooked.
And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t see something that piqued your interest. So if the reason you aren’t on the order form already is fear of commitment…
Have you checked out our guarantees? Your Happily Hooked Membership is completely risk-free. So if you find you don’t quite click with the…
Hundreds of triple-tested, finish-friendly patterns each year…
Growing community of supportive crocheters…
Opportunities for leveling up your skills…
Any of the other bonus gifts included…
It’s super easy to go into your digital library and click cancel. We hate to see anyone go, but we also completely understand if this is the wrong time or place for you.
On the other hand…this could be exactly the low-cost high-value treat you never knew you needed!
Like I said, I became Creative Editor because I wanted to shape the kind of crochet community I would love to be a part of.
With the help of the rest of the Happily Hooked team, I’ve done just that.
This membership is self-care, community, inspiration, amazing patterns, fun surprises, support (or enabling, however you want to look at it), and so much more!
What are you waiting for?

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